Pumped for Holidays..Are you?

Holidays are fast approaching. Being a december baby, of course this month is my favourite. Wether you are celebrating Hanukkah , Christmas or anything in between the holidays without doubt bring the best of everything- warm fireplaces, sugar cookies ( even gluten-free ones), no work, sleigh rides, snow fights….need I say more? 

I wanted to share a few pictures that represent winter holidays to me. What things symbolize winter to you? I’d love to hear 🙂



I love desserts.

I love desserts.

Here are a few of my home-made treats:    So now you know how much I love sweets…but I also love savoury.   Do you like dessert? If so what is your favourite…if you’re lucky I just might bake it … Continue reading

Alright, I’m ready!

” The best things in life aren’t things.”

Once upon a time, I would beg to differ. With age I have discovered that a simple life is truly the best life I have yet to experience. Though I am not one to blog much, I have decided to share my thoughts of interest floating in my mind , and simple, homemade cooking photos.

Hope I can meet some fellow lads and mates along the way who have common interests & are willing to share their views and opinions.

Cheers to new beginnings !